Life moves on

So, it's been about two and a half years, I think.  Actually, I was totally going to start blogging somewhere else, but I never did, and now I've forgotten my username and password.  Anyway...

I quit the job from hell.  I passed my "So you think you might want to be a paralegal?" class (and decided that I don't really want to be a paralegal, but that I could do it, if I had to).  I've got a little time on my hands before I require myself to get some kind of job (I'm thinking part time), and what I'm really hoping is that I'll get my shit together and do some serious writing.  I want so badly to be published- so badly that I've kind of been self-sabotaging myself this whole time.  It's scary and frustrating but... well, I do think that if I can pull it together that I have at least a shot.  So, here's hoping.

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Every once in a while I think "I should post about that to my LJ." I never do. Randomly, I'm posting tonight.

I had a series of dreams earlier. They all started with me getting out of bed and making my way to the living room in order to prove that there were no demons waiting to get me. A demon would get me, I'd realize that it was a dream, and the process would start over.  As I asked myself, 'is it real this time?' I made myself make the dream more realistic and it was a shock, every time that it was another dream.

Then I woke up, got out of bed, and made my way to the living room in order to prove that there were no demons waiting to get me.
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Sayings that didn't catch on.

Sometimes I think of a 'great' saying. I use it, and then I get a blank look in return. Sometimes I take this as a personal challenge and decide that I'll keep using the phrase in appropriate situations until someone laughs (damn it). Such is the case with:

That's ironic like a song by Allanis Morrisette.

In other cases I just decide to keep the phrase because it's fun. Like:

I am the rat. This is the ship.

If that's not an appropriate thing to say when you leave work, I don't know what is.
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Been so long...

I've never been good at updating journals... One of the problems has got to be when I look back over them and think 'do I really sound like that? Ugh.' But anyway, onto something that I've been finding moderately amusing.

At work, the management has seen fit to add three bulletin boards to the work floor. There is one for each shift (tour, as we call them). Tour 3 (evening crew) have tons of things on theirs. There are stats, ratings, pictures of the supervisors, and a score of supposedly inspiring thoughts and quotes. Tour 2 (day shift) have a few things, stats, a news sheet, and a few quotes. Tour 1 (my shift, the people who work in the middle of the night), has a sign that says "Tour 1 news: coming soon!" It's been there for several weeks, and I'm pretty sure the plan is to leave it there until the boards go away.
Heh, sometimes I actually like my supervisors.
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I moved

I moved into a tiny, very tiny, apartment. I think it's kind of adorable (though with me there it probably won't stay that way...). Oh well, project Life Moves On... well, it moves on. Slowly. Then quickly. Kind of like a lethargic frog with horrifically bad hiccups.
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Church and State?

Edit: After some time I've decided that I was a bit unfair. I'm still annoyed at the strong handed influence that went on, but I also have to admit that my blanket statement wasn't fair. There were lots of church members who decided to mind their own business and live their beliefs in their own homes.

So, I've pretty much given up on religion. I've sited a number of reasons for this ranging from disbelief in the health of group thinking to my inherent laziness. The biggest reason though, is the intolerance that I just couldn't justify with my ideas of what a supreme being should want in their children. I take the fact that I do have a biased point of view into consideration when I rant about the 'separation of church and state' issue because I really do try to be fair to the opinions of others. I may not succeed, but it looks like I try a lot harder than certain others...

LDS church: Shame on you*. The only good thing about the level of success you've had in stamping out the rights of others is that since you are the least popular Christian church in existence, that as soon as the other bigots feel they've gotten rid of gay people- you're next! Go on, ignore that the separation of church and state is the only thing that ensures any kind of religious freedom. Endorse government sponsored discrimination and set a precedence for people to vote away the rights of groups they don't like. I wonder how many rounds you'll last before the fire line suddenly becomes a lot less satisfying to watch.

*In response to the massive fund raising done to pass proposition 8 in California.
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I forgot, I forgot...

It's strange to think that I haven't been writing because too much has been happening instead of too little. I makes me think back to the first time I wrote (under duress) in a journal. Several pages with dates and then the phrase "not much happened today." The lives of grade school students aren't especially exiting. At least most of them aren't. Isn't it kind of cruel to make a kid recount daily their lack of life? I know for a fact that I wasn't the only one. My friends have gotten to the point that people knowing about their early lack of life is the *least* of their worries, heh heh.
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Too good not to post

Star Wars Horoscope for Aquarius

You can be cruel and torment people who disagree with you.

Deep down, there is a peace-loving, friendly side to you.

You have a knack for inflicting pain on people and use your intellect during battle.

Star wars character you are most like: Darth Vader

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Beowulf- The Beginnings of Cloud Strife

Or, perhaps, just a justification for giving heroes big ass swords that shouldn't be physically possible to lift. But a hero can, because he's just that damn good.

Yeah, someday George and I will make a video game staring a large woman with a big (but not unreasonably sized) ax and a boy armed with a magical fruit knife. That'll be the day. Then gamers will have what they didn't know they wanted all this time!
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